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420 or 710? Pick Your Pleasure

420 or 710? Pick Your Pleasure

Presented By N.A. Poe (Cannabis Activist & Resident Stoner) & Jon Frank (

Flower (420) or Oil (710)? It seems like a simple question, but has a variety of answers. As both can be bought in some shape or form at your local dispensary, you need to pick the right tool for the job and no one can better advise you then a man who has probably consumed more of both in his lifetime than the average toking human and can help you get to the finish line in one piece.


N.A. Poe is a nationally recognized cannabis activist, comedian, convicted felon and restauranteur who lives and works in the city of brotherly love. His work in cannabis activism in was instrumental to the decriminalization of weed in Philadelphia. His infamous Philly Smoke Sessions parties have been cemented as urban legend in the city, with his work being featured in Vice, High Times and Philadelphia Magazine, where his restaurant Poe’s Sandwich Joint was named as a “Best of Philly.”


New Jersey native Jon Frank of Dirty Dank Jersey is your boy with the joy, Double DJ, DirtyDANKJersey, The NJ Gasquatch, and the Puerto Rican Sasquatch.

With 8 years of recovery under his belt, Jon battled cancer in high school and lost a scholarship opportunity for football when he had to undergo chemotherapy and radiation over a two-year period.

During that treatment, which was meant to save his life, he was exposed to the chemicals he became addicted to which almost ended his life. Thanks to a loving family and mother who wouldn’t give up on him, Jon found himself surrounded by recovery resources. He flew out to Washington state to meet a long-time friend and expert grower. He showed Jon everything from seed to finished product. Jon then began cultivating relationships with all local plugs, vendors, and cannabis sources here in the NY/NYC Area. Now he sees more so than ever before a need for healing, sharing knowledge, and judgement-free places to engage with like-minded folks.