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Ask the Experts: What Should I Buy to Get High?

Ask the Experts: What Should I Buy to Get High?

Presented By N.A. Poe (Cannabis Activist & Resident Stoner)

He’ll probably be really high when he gives this seminar, so you could just asked him what he smoked or ate, but chances are it’ll have you petting the furry wall. So if you’re not exactly sure what strain, shape or form is right for you, we couldn’t think of anyone better, at least not willing to do this for free, who could help guide you to the right ganja than our favorite sandwich slinger and resident stoner.


N.A. Poe is a nationally recognized cannabis activist, comedian, convicted felon and restauranteur who lives and works in the city of brotherly love. His work in cannabis activism in was instrumental to the decriminalization of weed in Philadelphia. His infamous Philly Smoke Sessions parties have been cemented as urban legend in the city, with his work being featured in Vice, High Times and Philadelphia Magazine, where his restaurant Poe’s Sandwich Joint was named as a “Best of Philly.”