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Cannabis 101 – Newbies & Doobies: How To Get High

Cannabis 101 – Newbies and Doobies: How To Get High

Presented By N.A. Poe (Cannabis Activist) & Gabby Warren (NJ Cannabis Insider/

The times they are a-changing. It used to be so simple. You would want weed, any weed. You didn’t know what strain, whether it was sativa or indica, what the terpenes were or even what a terpene is. Carts didn’t exist. You heard of hash brownies, but could you make or even buy? Well the good news is now we can, and it’s all legal. So whether you’re an old pro, or especially starting to enjoy cannabis again, let our experts help guide you and answer your questions.


N.A. Poe is a nationally recognized cannabis activist, comedian, convicted felon and restauranteur who lives and works in the city of brotherly love. His work in cannabis activism in was instrumental to the decriminalization of weed in Philadelphia. His infamous Philly Smoke Sessions parties have been cemented as urban legend in the city, with his work being featured in Vice, High Times and Philadelphia Magazine, where his restaurant Poe’s Sandwich Joint was named as a “Best of Philly.”


Gabby Warren is the Cannabis Life Reporter for and NJ Cannabis Insider. She is reporting on navigating consumer laws, how to consume your weed and the types of cannabis businesses you’ll see popping up around the state. She helps explore products from all over the world, especially those available to you to buy in New Jersey. Her background in the legacy market and legalization advocacy in Washington, D.C. paired with her knowledge of tourism, hospitality, music and cosmetology led her straight to the Garden State.