Seminar Series

Medical Marijuana Patient Perspectives

Medical Marijuana Patient Perspectives

Presented By Lefty ( Sativa Cross), Ken Wolski (Coalition for Medical Marijuana), Chris Voag (Clothing Dispensary), Dr. Bridget Cole Williams

Hear from medical professionals and patients on how medical marijuana can help and has helped many get through rough times physically and mentally on their journey to recovery.


Dr. Bridget Williams, MD, is an established board-certified family physician, author and CEO of Green Harvest Health, medical cannabis and integrative clinics in Ohio. She has nearly 20 years of experience in family medicine from The Cleveland Clinic, which she combines with her medical background with certifications in life and cannabis coaching for her practice.


Chris Voag is the owner and founder of Sir Cannabis Apparel. He created it in 2016 with the vision of having a cannabis clothing brand that not only provides quality clothing, but provides a platform for other Cannabis Warriors such as himself to tell the world of how Cannabis gave them a better quality of life when all else failed. At the age of 19, Chris was in his last rounds of Chemotherapy for Stage 1B Testicular Cancer, and cannabis was able to provide him with the energy he needed and allowed him to remain nausea free during the entire process. Chris has been Cancer Free ever since and is hell bent on removing the negative stigma around cannabis one cannabis warrior at a time.