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Stoner Movies: Your Guide to Smoke Up & Chill 

Stoner Movies: Your Guide to Smoke Up & Chill

Presented By Steve Bloom ( & Jason Davis (

Steve Bloom is a legendary journalist who has a storied career covering music and movies and celebrities. From his tenure at High Times to his site,, he has been writing about weed culture in entertainment for decades. Jason Davis is a former radio personality and current voice over artist who has taken his love of pop culture, movies and music to the podscape with his current “Ranking Things” podcast.

Marijuana has long left its mark on the entertainment world. In cinema, we’ve gone from cult flicks like Reefer Madness and Easy Rider, to the Cheech & Chong classics, How High, Half Baked, Jay & Silent Bob universe, Seth Rogan’s flicks, Dazed & Confused and so much more. We all have our guilty pleasures and when we’re high, we wanna kick back and chill with some great flicks. Let Bloom and Jason be your tour guides to the best stoner movies ever made.


Steve Bloom is a longtime journalist and author with 33 years in the cannabis community. His credits include the post of Publisher of, one of the leading sources for marijuana and celebrity news on the web since 2007. He is also the former Editor of High Times from 1988-2007, and producer of the Stony and Doobie award shows and the two Hempilation benefit albums for NORML (1995 and 1998) while at High Times. He is Former editor-in-Chief of Freedom Leaf magazine and from 2014-2019, and former Editor-in-chief of two Centennial Media titles, Marijuana Goes Mainstream and The Complete Guide to CBD from 2019-2021. Co-author of Pot Culture: The A-Z Guide to Stoner Language and Life (Abrams Image, 2007) and Reefer Movie Madness: The Ultimate Stoner Film Guide (Abrams Image, 2010) with Shirley Halperin. Recipient of NORML’s Media & Culture Award in 2004, Cannabis MVP by the Cannabis Business Awards in 2018 and New York NORML Activism award in 2019.

Steve has appeared as a moderator, panelist and speaker at many marijuana-reform events, including the NORML Conference, the Drug Policy Alliance Conference, International Cannabis Business Conference, Seattle Hempfest, Boston Freedom Rally, Cypress Hill SmokeOut, the NYC Cannabis Parade & Rally, Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival, Florida Cannabis Festival, Cannabis Media Summit and more.

He also discovered the term “420” in 1990, is founder and organizer of the Teapot Party with Willie Nelson since 2009, author of Video Invaders (Arco, 1982) and Watch Out for the Little Guys (St. Martins Press, 1989) and legendary music journalist since 1978.


Jason Davis is currently a full-time voice over artist after working as an on-air radio personality at various radio stations. Jason was the afternoon drive time jock for Charlottesville, VA’s Z95 station, as well as a DJ for area stations in the NJ/NY market, such as The Hawk, Magic 98.3 and the former Fresh 102.7. He now shares his love of movies and other pop culture as the current producer/host of “The Ranking Things Podcast.” He can also be heard as the former producer/host of the “Screen Facts with Jason Davis” podcast. For more information, please visit or @jasondavisvoice on Twitter.