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Removing the Stigma: Bringing Cannabis to the Mainstream

Removing the Stigma: Bringing Cannabis to the Mainstream

Presented By Gabby Warren (NJ Cannabis Insider/ & Denise Blasevick (The S3 Agency)

For generations, we have been told that cannabis is evil – that it’s a “gateway drug.” TV commercials have shown an egg frying in the pan, telling us that’s our brain on marijuana. But now that it’s legal, the media is changing. Advertising on billboards and radio brought you here. The news covers cannabis. Movies, tv shows, songs, and celebs are proudly talking about the legal green. Yet there is still a stigma associated with cannabis use – and to really go mainstream, we need to remove that. Learn how cannabis brands and cannabis users can help combat that stigma.


Gabby Warren is the Cannabis Life Reporter for and NJ Cannabis Insider. She is reporting on navigating consumer laws, how to consume your weed and the types of cannabis businesses you’ll see popping up around the state. She helps explore products from all over the world, especially those available to you to buy in New Jersey. Her background in the legacy market and legalization advocacy in Washington, D.C. paired with her knowledge of tourism, hospitality, music and cosmetology led her straight to the Garden State.


Denise Blasevick is CEO and co-founder of The S3 Agency, a brand-first digital agency that has developed groundbreaking campaigns for brands ranging from luxury sports cars like Aston Martin and BMW to grocery store finds like Eight O’Clock Coffee and Tetley Tea. An inductee in the Advertising Hall of Fame of New Jersey, Denise heads up client strategy at The S3 Agency, which has won over 1,000 awards since it opened its doors in 2001. Her marketing expertise is frequently called upon by national media, including MSNBC’s “Your Business,” where she provided on-air marketing makeovers for struggling brands for almost 10 years. Beyond the office, Denise serves on the Board of Directors of Centenary University and the NJ Chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization.