Seminar Series

The ABCs of CBD & Delta

The ABCs of CBD & Delta

Presented By Justin Sampas (RVD Wellness) & Patrick Simpson (CBD of Newton). Special Guest: Rob Van Dam

You see CBD and Delta products all over these day, and there are varying opinions on it. Many swear by it, some swear about it. Here’s your chance to learn more about what exactly CBD is, as well as the different kinds of Delta (8, 10, 11), and how it can be used safely in your life.


Rob Van Dam is pro wrestling legend, entrepreneur, comedian, actor and cannabis and CBD advocate. He has held multiple titles in the top wrestling organizations in the world over his long, stories career, and is still wrestling regularly today. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021. His company RVD Wellness has an ever-expanding line of CBD and Delta products and he continues to speak about the ways those products and cannabis has helped him and can help you.


Justin Sampas co-founded RVDCBD with professional wrestling legend and cannabis advocate, Rob Van Dam, known by many as RVD. He has worked with the WWE Hall of Famer on several projects including cannabis, health and wellness, video games and merchandise. Sampas has a degree in finance and has been a California broker since 2006.


CBD of Newton’s Patrick Simpson was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer in April of 2019. It was a trying time in his life, for sure. Hearing the word “cancer” is devastating to anyone, especially for a young man that was now a father, at the age of 33 years young! He was immediately struck with the harsh reality of uncertainty. “Will I be okay? Will I be alive, this time next year? Am I going to die, and leave my family behind? I suddenly was dealing with all of these negative thoughts, and I started to feel like a prisoner, held captive within my own mind! I began crafting obscure “worst case” scenarios in my own head. My negative thoughts were taking control of me. I did not know that I was dealing with anxiety!

He had never dealt with anxiety before, and felt helpless — uncertain about life itself! He said that it was then that he was lucky enough to find solace in a solution sitting right in front of him… CBD.

CBD was in front of him, but for so long cannabis was his escape from the uncertainty of life. Patrick found a balance, that CBD brought him to help get the most benefit from his medicinal cannabis.